Imam Sadiq Online Seminary offers heartfelt felicitation on the Occasion of 4th Sha’ban, the Birthday anniversary of Abbas ibn Ali(a)


During the battle of Seffin, Amir al-Mu'minin Imam Ali sent a young person with a veil on his face to front of the battlefield as an anonymous fighter.

His fighting skills were so impressive, it seemed that the young lad had the whole field in his hands.

The Shaam (Syrian) Army realized the young soldier is indeed a brave and strong one who has come to the frontline. Muawiyah’s army advisers started to consult him to send an equivalent warrior to face the young lad. Due to the fear which had overcome them, they could not decide who to send. Finally, Mu'awiyah decided to send one of his bravest leaders and warriors who had been famous to have the power of fighting thousands of other soldiers. Mu'awuyah called him and said: go to the battlefield and fight him.

The warrior said: Oh my master; people know me as one who can fight ten thousand men; how could you send me to fight this kid?

Mu'awiyah said: then what should I do?

He said: I have seven sons; I’ll send one of them to fight him.

The warrior sent one of his sons to the battlefield; it didn’t take long that the young lad killed his son. He then sent his second son who was also killed by the anonymous soldier. He then sent his third, fourth until his seventh son was killed by the young soldier.

At this point warrior himself decided to hit to the battlefield and face the young lad. He yelled his slogans and charged toward the young lad; they had a number of hits back and forth, but after a while the young lad, in front of both army’s eyes, knocked the father down and sent him off to join his seven sons.

Both armies were stunned and impressed at the bravery of this young soldier. At this moment, Amir al-Mu'minin (a) called him to return to the army.

The commander of the army, Imam Ali (a) went to greet his brave fighter. Imam took the veil off his face and kissed his forehead. Everyone witnessed that the young lad was the Moon of Bani Hashim, Abbas Ibn Ali (a).

A point which is worth the attention about the life of Ab al-Fadhl al-Abbas is that, while his bravery and courage was unique, but the ruling force in him was wisdom and religious insight; and certainly not emotions and the feeling of youth.

History recalls the day in which the same Abbas who became a shield and crushed the enemy at Seffin battle, when he received the order from Imam Hussain (PBUH) to prevent any aggression and the need to be patient, he accepts. Abbas favoured obedience to his Imam over personal emotions and feelings and used Bravery, at the Service of Imamate