Imam Sadiq Online Seminary offers heartfelt felicitation on the Occasion of 5th Sha’ban, the birthday anniversary of the 4th Imam,

Imam Ali ibn Husayn (a)


Zuhri, one of the students of Imam Sajjad (s), says: “Once Imam was telling us, ‘whosoever does not find tranquillity in the promise of Allah, will find his heart ripped apart by desires. I swear by Allah here and hereafter are two pans of scales, if one becomes heavy, it will overweight the other’, then Imam recited this verse:

When the Day of Judgment comes, which will certainly happen, it will destroy some and superior others. By Allah His enemies will be ruined and His friends will ascend to paradise.’ Then Imam turned to one of the people in that session and said: ‘Have piety for Allah and demand your desire from the right path. And do not ask for something that has not been created, for he who desires that which has not been created would tear apart, and would not gain access to it.’

The man said: ‘How could one ask for something which has not been created?’ Imam Sajjad (a) said: ‘One who seeks to increase his wealth is after comfort in this world and comfort is neither created in this world nor for those who live in this world. Comfort is only in heaven and created for the people in heaven. Difficulty and burden is created in this world and for those who live in it. Whoever receives the smallest item in this world, he is given greed twice of that amount; and whoever has more in this world, he is needier because he depends on the help of people to keep his wealth. Thus, the wealth of this world brings no means of comfort but the Satan tries to increase the greediness in mankind by continuous temptation and illusion of wealth that creates relief and comfort, whereas the wealth only increases the discomfort in this world and more accountability in the Day of Judgment.’

Then Imam continued: ‘Those who are friends with Allah (s) never persuaded discomfort in this world to reach their worldly dreams. They did it for their hereafter life.’

That which has not been created on this earth and for its people is comfort. Allah (s) has not placed a sense of peace in comfort; He has told us not to find peace in rest and comfort, rather we are told to look for it in faith and belief unto him, and in His promises. For he who did not find comfort in Allah’s (s) promises faces deep regrets.