Imam Sadiq peace be upon him Online Seminary Offers Condolences on the Demise Anniversary of the 3rd Deputy of the Imam of Our Time (may Allah hasten his reappearance)، Husain ibn Rūḥ al-Nawbakhtīy (may Allah bless his soul)

☝ Husain ibn Ruh was appointed as the third deputy by Muhammad ibn Uthman under the instruction of the 12th Imam (may Allah hasten his reappearance). When he, Muhammad ibn Uthman, became seriously ill, a group of Shia elite went to see him and enquired about the next deputy to which he replied; "Husayn bin Ruh is my successor and the trusted deputy of the Master of the Age. Refer to him in your affairs. I have been commanded by the Imam to designate Husayn bin Ruh in the position of deputyship."

👉🏼 He used his strong and influential lineage of Nawbakht during the Abbasid dynasty to reduce the suffering of the Shias. However, later on, the Abbasid caliphs suppressed him which led him to carry out his obligations in secret.

💥A few sources have quoted some extra-ordinary incidents for Husain ibn Ruh like the announcement of the death of ‘Aḥmad ibn Isḥāq, the returning of the gold coin, etc. Shaikh Saduq quotes that once a person lost one of the gold and silver bags that were to be delivered to Hussein ibn Ruh and replaced it with his own property. When he reached Husayn ibn Ruh, he removed the bag that belonged to that person and returned it to him, and showed him the location of the lost bag. The person went, found the bag there and returned it to him.

ℹ️ Husayn ibn Ruh was the deputy of Imam al-Mahdi amongst Shias for about 21 years until his death on the 18th of Sha'bān 326 A.H. His body was buried in Baghdad.


📿 On this day, we ask Allah to Hasten to reappearance of our Imam and help us to be amongst his true followers