“May it ceases to happen that we remain alive after you”, were the words of the Hashemite moon at the night of the 9th when Imam Husain (peace be upon him) gathered his companions and lifted his allegiance from them.

Abbas is revered for his loyalty to the Imam of his time, Husain (peace be upon them). He knew and showed the world that there is no goodness in the world without the company of an Imam.

When the siege was completed and it was known in the camp of the Imam (peace be upon him) that martyrdom was imminent, the accursed Shimr came looking for H. Abbas, who was his clan-relative and guaranteed security if he would leave the camp of the Imam to which H. Abbas replied: ‘“Woe be upon you and your security! You offer us security while the son of the Prophet is devoid of it!?"

Everything that H. Abbas (peace be upon him) had, he sacrificed it for his Imam, even his two hands.

Abbas rode as a lion and broke the siege of the enemy to fetch some water for the children. Thirsty and under the siege of the enemy, fighting and bringing the bodies of the martyrs from early dawn, Abbas was thirsty. He remembered the thirst of the children who were eagerly waiting for him. He stood up and raced towards the tents but alas! The enemy from a distance rained arrows upon him and one coward, hiding behind the date palms struck his right hand, and the other severed his left. Abbas kept going and giving tidings to himself that this world is finite while that which Allah has promised is eternal. He kept moving until an arrow pierced the water bag. Abbas’s horse turned away from the tents and Abbas was attacked from every side till he fell down with no hands...

May Allah hasten the reappearance of the Imam who will avenge the blood of the oppressed and help us to be amongst his supporters and helpers.